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History & Growth

1Graeme Rivett, Managing Director commenced the business in January 2005, trading as London Pedicabs Limited. Initially, activities were based on a fleet of rickshaw style vehicles, but early experience showed that these were expensive to maintain and offered limited advertising space, restricted to the side panels. 

Experience gained in the first year of trading indicated a potential for the concept of developing the company into an niche transport operative that can also cater to  Outdoor Media Agency’s who have a annual spend of £1Billion and highlighted the steps needed to be taken to advance the business.  In particular, Graeme recognised the need to upgrade the Pedicab fleet to meet the business’s requirements and, after consultation with leading outdoor media buying companies and the Public Carriage Office, 


Transport for London and Westminster, a new, more easily maintained, Pedicab design was developed with the objectives of providing a larger 6 sheet standard advertising area so that the vehicles could be used as mobile advertising hoardings and carry promotional material. The vehicles were also developed to enhance customer comfort and safety and riders were provided with uniforms to project a corporate image.

Operating in Westminster and City of London, Rivett Media is one of only three modes of Mobile Outdoor advertising, along with taxis and buses that are permitted to operate within the boundaries of Westminster.

4To reinforce its position as an industry leader, Rivett Media has developed a new Pedicab with additional features, including improved suspension, brake lights and all weather coverings.  Rivett Media has also enhanced its media offering, adding Ad bikes (A frame 6 sheets) and will shortly introduce a touch-screen monitor and back illumination to the standard ‘6 sheet’ poster.  This innovative approach assists Rivett Media to protect its position and niche in the Outdoor Advertising sector. 
Rivett Media’s goal is to establish this model as an iconic brand, the equivalent of the standard ‘Black Cab’. Rivett Media has developed strong relationships with the major Outdoor Media Buying Specialists and Agencies.  We have also had considerable success with PR agencies, Event companies who are approaching Rivett Media directly. 

All has not always been smooth with Rivett Media, the company has been challenged by the depth of the recession, alongside most SME’s, due mainly to the time consumed by the authorities to take action against the “rogue” element which they are now actively doing. With the recession abating and activities already growing strongly, LPUKL is presented with a unique window of opportunity to stamp its mark and take the lion’s share of its target markets (300 strong pedicab fleet) with the introduction of the new Westminster code of practice and the assistance of the LDA (London Development agency) both coming into play in June 2010.

Rivett Media has through its relationship with the LDA, through the operation of the employment accord, 60 candidates waiting to join the company as riders and it really is now a matter of securing the funding to produce the pedicab fleet.6

In addition, Rivett Media is now uniquely positioned to be a niche market-focused supplier of outdoor promotional activities to the corporate and commercial outdoor media advertising and promotion markets which would offer real points of difference and competitive advantage to those business sectors. 


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